How Does God Want Me To Live ?

How Does God Want Me To Live ?

I have been convinced for years that most people don’t know how God wants them to live ?

The reason I say this is because many are depressed,worried,sick and in poverty.God says in His Word this is not His will for us. John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal,kill and destroy but I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly ! Abundant life is having joy,peace,divine health,freedom and abundance ! In Matthew 6:10 Jesus said Your Kingdom Come. Your Will Be Done. In Earth as it is in Heaven ! No one is depressed in heaven. No one is worried in heaven. No one is sick in heaven. No one is in poverty in heaven. God wants us to live in the Earth just like people live in Heaven !

You might say How Can We Live on the Earth like people live in Heaven ? People in Heaven don’t have to deal with principalities,powers,rulers of the darkness and wicked spirits in the spirit world. Good point ! I am going to allow the Bible to answer this question.


Habakkuk 2:4,Romans 1:17,Galatians 2:20 & 3:11 and Hebrew 10:38 all say the same thing they all say “The Just Shall Live By Faith”. So God is telling us living by faith in His word will allow us to live like people in heaven live.In total Victory !

What is Faith ?

Hebrews 11:1 says Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.It says

“Now Faith is”. It does not say Now Faith was or Now Faith will be. No it says Now Faith is. Meaning our Faith must always be in the present tense. God IS healing me right now ! God IS providing for me right now ! God IS delivering me right now ! When you put Faith in the future and say God is going to do this or the other you have just stepped out of faith.

The Substance

Faith is the stuff that stuff is made of ! Other words for Substance are Assurance,Title Deed,Confirmation.Faith perceives as real fact what has not yet been revealed to the senses.Faith sees it done ! Faith is the currency of the spirit world ! When you go to the grocery store and get to the cashier the cashier says give me some MONEY and you can have the groceries because MONEY is the currency of the natural world.If you have enough MONEY you can buy anything for sale in the natural world. God says you want my promises to manifest in your life ? Give some FAITH and they will be manifest. Why does God say that ? Because FAITH is the currency of the spirit world ! If you have enough FAITH you can obtain any of the promises of God in the spirit world !

MONEY is the medium of exchange in the natural world.

FAITH is the medium of exchange in the spirit world !


Hebrews 11:6 says Without Faith it is impossible to please God.


The bible talks about “Levels of Faith”. There are five levels of Faith in the Bible.

They are “Little Faith” “Great Faith” “No Faith” Weak Faith” and “Strong Faith”.

In Matthew 6:25-30 Jesus says if you are always worried about paying your bills and providing for your basic needs that is “Little Faith”.

In Matthew 8:5-10 a Roman Centurion asked Jesus to pray for his servant that was paralyzed and dreadfully tormented.Jesus said “I will come and heal him”. The Centurion said I am not worthy to have you come under my roof but I have servants under me and I say to one go and he goes or to another come and he comes or to my other servant to do this and he does it. and I know you have authority to tell his sickness to go and it will go so just speak the word only and my servant will be healed. The Bible said Jesus was amazed and marveled that a Roman Centurion had that much confidence in His words and Jesus said to the Centurion you have “Great Faith” and that He had not seen that type of faith in all of the land of Israel !

In Mark 4:35-41 Jesus said “let’s cross over to the other side” and then He went to sleep in the boat. Then a  hurricane came and rocked the boat and water was filling the boat and the disciples woke up Jesus and said don’t you care we are perishing ? Jesus woke up and rebuked the wind and said peace be still. And then Jesus said to the disciples how is it that you have “no faith”.

In Romans 4:16-21 it talks about Abraham and Sarah how God had promised them a son when he was 100 and she was 90.Which in the natural was an impossible situation. It says against all “natural hope” he believed in “supernatural hope” and did not stagger at the promise of God with “weak faith” but had “strong faith” that what God had promised would come to pass. He was fully persuaded that what God promised he would preform.

Have you ever prayed and wondered “when will God manifest this prayer” ?

You were waiting on God. Right ? No, actually God is waiting on you ! Why do I say this ? Because if we will get into His word and meditate and speak His word until it is in us to the point where we are FULLY PERSUADED then God will manifest the promise you are believing for.

It took Abraham a lot of time to get to the place of being fully persuaded.When God first told him about the promise of a son at their ages he laughed.So God obviously had a lot of work to do to get Abraham to a point of being fully persuaded. He did it by every time Abraham saw sand on the ground God said your children will be like the sand. Then at night he told him to look at the stars and that his children would be like the stars. Then he changed his name from Abram which means exalted father to Abraham the father of many nations.

So with sand by day and stars by night and people calling him the father of many nations he became full persuaded.


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